Struggling Marriages

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Hebrews 13:4a: “Marriage is to be held in honor among all…” (NASB).
As the pace of life and technology continues to grow exponentially each year so does the opportunity to misplace marital affections and drift towards one of two extremes: conflict or complacency.
Yet, something more is available.  A growing, thriving, satisfying marriage is possible.  It will be imperfect, but it can (and should) be good.  A struggling marriage is normal.  Every marriage experiences tension, frustration, and difficulties; however, how you respond to these challenges makes a world of difference.
Today, many people stay in struggling marriages and push through for a lot of good, but misguided reasons, such as their children, family, finances, ministry, etc.  God designed for marriage to be a reflection of the gospel (Eph 5:25-33).  The covenantal relationship of marriage is to portray to the world the real impact of the love of Christ.  What a wonderful privilege it is to live for the glory of the gospel within marriage.  Presenting this higher purpose to God’s people helps provide greater motivation for covenantal faithfulness.
Pursing this higher purpose does not mean that no problems will arise.  Abuse, unfaithfulness, abandonment, boredom, nagging, sexual neglect and frustration, family issues, etc. still occur.  Every marriage has its unique challenges.
NLM provides specialize conferences and marriage retreats.  Each one is uniquely customized for your situation and exists to support your church and the marriages to which God has called you to minister.  Topics, lengths, and styles can vary depending upon your needs.  Marriages are under tremendous pressure and NLM wants to partner with you in helping encourage and equip you in providing the support these couples need.
Additionally, NLM provides consultation services regarding ministering to struggling marriage and engaged couples.
Finally, occasions arise when church leaders’ marriages hit hard times.  Spouses and children can feel neglected, leaders can feel taxed, and the strain sometimes seems too much to bear.  NLM can provide private consultations and mediations.  These services are generally reserved for church leaders, but may extend to individual congregants as requested.  NLM’s marital consultations and mediations vary from one session to multiple depending on your needs and may be facilitated in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing.