Strategic Leadership

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Matthew 10:16b: “…be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves” (NASB).
As Jesus sent the twelve disciples out to minister he warned them of the dangers and told them to be “shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.”  In other words, they were to be strategic in their actions, but pure in their motives.
The importance of strategic leadership in the church can hardly be overstated.  After all, much more than buildings and feelings are at stake.  The decisions made in the church may well have an eternal impact.
Strategic leadership does not replace or neglect dependence on the Holy Spirit: just the opposite.  Strategic leadership seeks to wisely incorporate the principles of God through the leading of the Spirit within the context he has placed you.
NLM is designed to help you with this process in your leadership context.  When pastors go to seminary, they take multiple theology classes, but few have ever been given adequate instructions on hiring, coaching, evaluating, or releasing staff, leading meetings, strategic planning, developing leaders, etc. 
Additionally, many boards and staffs are full of godly men and women who honestly get a little overwhelmed at time with the scope and depth of the ministry they are asked to lead and oversee. To help with these and other leadership challenges, individual consultations or group leadership training through conferences and retreats are offered.
Finally, on occasion conflict arises to the degree that outside assistance is necessary to help biblical navigate leaders through the process to protect the integrity of the leaders and the unity of the body.  Mediations are helpful here.
NLM helps encourage and equip churches address these issues and more through conferences, retreats, consultations, or mediations depending on your churches needs.  Each service provided is uniquely customized to assist you.
NLM provides a variety of strategic leadership conferences and retreats.  Among those, the most common conferences address the issues of strategic leadership or leadership development. 
Strategic leadership consultation with individual pastors or church boards is extremely valuable.  This service enables NLM to provide helpful perspectives based on the unique needs in your context.  Among the variety of strategic leadership consultations NLM provides, the most common involve staff needs (hiring, coaching, reprimanding, evaluating, or releasing staff), leading meetings, strategic planning, and developing leaders.
Despite all efforts, occasions arise when serious disputes develop between church leaders.  NLM can provide mediation among leaders to assist in bringing about biblically-based solutions.  Mediations and consultations can vary from one session to multiple depending on your needs and may be facilitated in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing.